About me

Currently working on my site, this should be done and ready soon.

I was born and raised in the crossroads of America. Grew up with a love of creation, drawing, painting and design. I never leave home without my sketchpad.

Who I Am?

I’m a young ambitious guy that loves what I do. I enjoy big challenges and breaking them down, working smart, neat, and efficiently. However don't ever look at my desk, you'd think I'd need to be admitted.

What I Do?

I love being busy, like always.

I'm an artist and I love to paint. I will work with nearly any medium I can get my hands on. Currently working as an Art Director and Designer, and a freelance designer. I'm fluent in Adobe, CS5-6, and CC. I dabble in html, css, javascript/j-query.

Preferred applications:

Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC, Indesign CC, After Effects CC, and Muse CC.

I am also splashing around in Cinema 4D.

Why I Do It?

I grew up always drawing. Yeah, I was that kid in class; nerdy, quiet, and always drawing. In my early twenties I discovered a new medium, computers. Thinking that computers were some sort of cheat, I quickly learned it wasn't much of a cheat as it was an outlet.

Where I Am?

Currently residing in the beautiful state of Indiana. I work doing what I love every single day! Working currently as a full-time art-director for a medical equipment company.

Beginning to gear up for my next big wave of paintings and other works. Hoping to have something up in the next couple months.

If you're still reading all of this, thank you. I hope you keep scrolling down. There's cool art down there! Hurry!


Art Direction

Discription will be coming soon.


Discription will be coming soon.


Discription will be coming soon.


Discription will be coming soon.

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